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  Track 1: Mobile communication and wireless transmission


Intelligent Mobile Device Design
Communication Device Modeling
EMC and Antenna Design
Autonomous network
Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Cognitive Radio and AI-Enabled Networks
Communication Theory
Green Communication Systems and Networks
Next Generation Networking and Internet
Optical Networks and Systems
Wireless Communications
Mobile and Wireless Networks
Cellular networks
MIMO-based networking
mmWave, THz, VLC, full duplex communication networks
Mobile sensing and applications
Mobility management and models
Intelligent Reflecting Surface



Track 2: Speech and signal processing


Coding and Signal Processing
Ubiquitous intelligence
Signal Processing for Communications
Age of Information
Dynamic spectrum sharing
Information hiding and watermarking
Signal control technology
Signal Acquisition
Signal coding and compression
Radar signal processing
Biomedical signal
Filtering methods and techniques
Signal estimation
Speech time-frequency analysis and algorithm
Sound field analysis and sound source location
Speech recognition and synthesis
Voice data retrieval


Track 3: Network and Application Technology

Big data and machine learning for networks
Cyber-physical systems
Datacenter networking
Energy efficiency in networks
Edge and fog computing/networking
Information security and privacy
Information-centric networking
Interference management and mitigation
Multimedia networking
Network economics and pricing
Network management
Network and Information Security
Network security and privacy
Network virtualization

Track 4: Data communication and information security

5G Communication and Network
Green Communication Systems
air-space-ground integrated information network
Communication and Information Systems Security
Communications QoS, Reliability and Modeling
Communications Software, Services & Multimedia Apps.
5G and beyond networks
Optical networks
Router and switch design
Routing and multicast
Overlay and peer-to-peer networks
Quality-of-service and resource management
Network information security
Data encryption technology
Digital signature and identity authentication



Track 5: Image processing and multimedia technology
Image acquisition
Image reconstruction
Image restoration
Image fusion
Wavelet transform
Image stitching
Image estimation
Pattern recognition
Image information encryption
Video processing technology
Document classification and information retrieval
Animation design
Vision and image
Multimedia system and technology
Multimedia and streaming technology


Track 6: Communication Engineering and Application

Internet of Things and Big data
Internet architecture
Internet of Things
Smart grid applications
Social computing and networks
Software-defined networking
Vehicular networks
Wearable Technology
Microwave/MM-Wave/THz Circuits and Syste
Smart Grid Communications
Molecular, Biological, and Multi-Scale Communications
Satellite and Space Communications
Social Networks
Tactile Internet
Access network/system and power communication


Track 7: Software development and design


Search-based software engineering
Program repair
Software testing
Program analysis
Programming languages
Mining software repositories
Software ecosystems
API design and evolution
Release engineering and DevOps
Software visualization
Human aspects of software engineering
Agile methods and software processes
Software economics
Crowd-based software engineering
Ethics in software engineering
Requirements Engineering
Modeling and Model-Driven Engineering
Software Architecture and Design
Software Security
Reliability and Safety


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